Welcome to the family.


Last Sunday marked the 3-year anniversary of C3 Saskatoon, and what better way to celebrate than to throw a Baptism party. The testimonies!  Oh the testimonies. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. They told the story of how God lovingly draws us to Him & restores our hearts!  We celebrated with our family members who journeyed into full immersion into the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit; into a community that welcomes you unconditionally.  


Pastor Brock started us off sharing on the JOY of Baptism. Four word recap: THIS IS A PARTY!

The source of the celebration is the knowledge that there is nowhere you can go where His love doesn’t go with you.  You are fully known and fully loved.  There’s always a moment in any baptism when the person is fully submerged in water; what a beautiful mirror of the love of God.  There’s no room or need for striving. You don’t have to work for His love, you are simply always in His love.  Completely immersed, part of His family. You belong.

A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, 

Is God in His holy habitation.

God sets the solitary in families;

Psalm 68:5-6a NIV

The new life of baptism brings both freedom and new foundations. God doesn’t let you walk aimlessly - He SETS you in a family.  He sets the solitary and the lonely in a place of relationship where they can be deeply known and deeply loved. The core of who God is the definition of family. Belonging is who God is, and finding belonging in Him is the fulfillment we are created for. That is the reality of heaven that baptism grounds us to.

He restores. The Father is completely devoted to seeing you come into a place of being fully immersed in His love. Whether you are newly Baptised, a seasoned vet, or walking your first timid steps on this journey, recognize that you are fully known & fully loved. Now that’s a reason to celebrate!